[Centos] Install additional packages from CD

Thu Apr 29 10:31:06 UTC 2004
Müller Miklós <mmuller at lbcons.net>

> Hi,
Try installing from the cd with the following command: "rpm -i --aid
whatever-package.rpm" in the RPMS directory of the CD.

However if you are connected to the internet, try the more convenient "yum
install whatever-package". Use "yum list available" to see the list of
available packages.

Hope this helps:

> Newbie here... :)
> I've installed Centos 3.1 with selecting Custom Packages.
> Now, I want to install some packages not installed the first time.
> The manual says that I can use redhat-config-packages but there are no
> packages that's not installed, just installed packages. So, I can only
> remove packages....
> So, how do I install addtional packages from CD without having to
> reinstall? I've tried installing manually by opening the RPMs but it always
> complain about dependency...
> Thanks,
> Yayan
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