[Centos] Install additional packages from CD

Thu Apr 29 10:34:35 UTC 2004
Johnny Hughes <mailing-lists at hughesjr.com>

On Thu, 2004-04-29 at 05:15, Yayan wrote:

> Hi,
> Newbie here... :)
> I've installed Centos 3.1 with selecting Custom Packages.
> Now, I want to install some packages not installed the first time.
> The manual says that I can use redhat-config-packages but there are no
> packages that's not installed, just installed packages. So, I can only
> remove packages....
> So, how do I install addtional packages from CD without having to
> reinstall? I've tried installing manually by opening the RPMs but it
> always complain about dependency...

redhat-config-packages is not good for installing new packages if you
have applied updates. (And sometimes even if you haven't).

Use yum to do updates and to install new packages.  The command:

yum provides filename

to figure out what package contains a file ... and the command:

yum list package-name 

to provide release number and basic info about a package, and the

yum info package-name

to get more info about a package ... use the command:

yum install package-name

to install packages.

The added advantage to using yum is that only updated packages are
used...before getting started doing new packages, use the command:

yum upgrade

to get the latest upgrades...

- Johnny Hughes

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