[Centos] suggestions for CentOS

Thu Aug 12 18:33:57 UTC 2004
dan1 <dan1 at edenpics.com>

> I am sorry to say that I don't agree that a separate website is the right
> path.

To be honest, I'm part of the people that thinks that if a product has it's
own site, then it might be a good product because it seems professionnal and
well-finished. Companies that want to avoid having a product name as it's
website seem to not be really interested in this project.
Also, I don't understand how a separate web site for centOS would harm the
cAos Foundation. The entering money (through gifts) should be the same.

> I don't think would do justice for any of the
> projects or foundation as a whole.

By having many links everywhere on the centos.org site to caosity.org that
would hold the cAos Foundation information, this shouldn't harm them. There
might also be an 'about' page that explains thoroughly about the cAos
Foundation, as it is already now on the site. It would just be duplicated
with caos.org and centos.org.

> Pulling Centos
> strictly from caosity.org may give the appearance that centos (or caos
> is not part of a team effort.

I don't think so, because the explanations on the main page, about page,
links, and so on would really speak a lot about the cAos Foundation, and
that this project is a community project. In fact, it's one of the main
advantages for this product against Whitebox Linux (it might last longer),
so you _have_ to boast about it on the site, and it will be known of the
others that there is a big team effort behind. This might also bring in more
people to help.

Also everything is different: FAQs, main page, news, documentation, help,
mirrors, security, ..., which is a good reason to me do make another site.
The other information are just annoying for the centOS user, and also for
the cAos user.

All these considerations are only of a user point of view, which is mine.
Don't take that against you guys. I just tell loudly what I think.
But the best would probably to make on this mailing-list a votation, and
then let the cAos decide what they would finally like to do.
Lastly, I think that having two sites would increase the image of CentOS a
lot, and thus bringing new users in, and also more developpers and donators.
You could even keep the news common to both sites..

However, what you are about to do is already very good, and doing the change
shouldn't be a too big problem.

Kind regards to all,