[Centos] suggestions for CentOS

Thu Aug 12 17:09:23 UTC 2004
Nels Lindquist <nlindq at maei.ca>

On 12 Aug 2004 at 8:24, Greg Kurtzer wrote:

> Centos is a hosted project by the cAos Foundation. There are several hosted
> projects by the foundation, and they are all leveraging from one another. To
> make the distinct appearance that any of the projects is a standalone entity
> would be misleading, and I don't think would do justice for any of the
> projects or foundation as a whole.


> I hate to bring up donations, but one of my first priorities is to have the 
> Foundation be able to support itself.

Hey, even PBS has pledge drives.

We're still in the implementation phase of rolling out CentOS 3, but 
we're perfectly willing to donate right now.  Given the current 
financial situation, is it better for the foundation's budget to have 
a lump sum today or a commitment to quarterly/monthly payments?

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