[cAos] Re: [Centos] suggestions for CentOS

Thu Aug 12 20:01:01 UTC 2004
Rocky McGaugh <rocky-lists at mcgaugh.org>

Greg Kurtzer wrote:

> While we have different opinions, I am not firmly attached to the idea 
> that
>the main Centos pages should be on the caosity.org site. Where ever it goes, I
>will probably want centos.caosity.org to point there as well as centos.org. 
>Also on caosity.org, there will be at least a one page blurb about centos, and
>links to centos.org.
Right now, www.centos.org goes to the cAos homepage, which could be 
confusing, since CentOS is just one project under cAos. That is why i 
like the idea of a redirect, where the url will change to 
centos.caosity.org, rather than an ANAME where the url keeps the centos.org.

I especially like the centos.caosity.org, because it would be a constant 
reminder that CentOS is part of something larger. Keep the centos.org 
though too to make it easier for people to locate.

But i think centos.caosity.org should go to CentOS specific content, 
rather than cAos's main page.

Even redirecting centos.caosity.org/centos.org to:


would be slightly less confusing, i think.

>This is yet another reason why I was offering html content and services on 
>caosity.org... Anyway, I find it interesting that some people seem to have 
>such strong opinions on this, so it must be a hot topic... Yet nobody is 
>offering to help. ;^)
I am trying to help by offering ideas and feedback.

Rocky McGaugh
rmcgaugh at teamhpc.com
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