[Centos] VMWare problems on CentOS 3.3 x86-64

Fri Dec 10 10:35:08 UTC 2004
Rob Beard <rob at esdelle.co.uk>

Hi folks,

I'm hoping someone can help with a problem I'm having getting VMWare to work 
on CentOS 3.3 (x86-64).

I recently downloaded VMWare workstation 4.5 (not sure of exact version number 
but its the latest version as of yesterday).  I was hoping to run CentOS as my 
main OS and then use VMWare to still support Windows XP machines and run the 
couple of applications which refuse to work properly under Wine.

I installed the RPM okay, ran the configuration script fro VMWare, however 
when it comes to running VMware I get a message about a missing libaray - "ld-

I did a search on the hard disk and couldn't find it.  I also couldn't find an 
RPM package (either source or binary) to install.

Everything else on CentOS seems to be going okay, its really fast compared to 
Suse 9.1 which I was running previously (not sure if thats because I'm running 
a 64-bit OS or that CentOS doesn't have as much running at once?).

Could anyone suggest how I can get this library?