[Centos] Kernel Panic on New Kernel Package

Fri Dec 10 14:02:44 UTC 2004
Joshua Strzalko <josh at eleet-tech.com>

That worked!

I guess the installation of the RPM had an issue with raid1, jbd, and ext3
modules and including them in initrd.

[root at admin root]# uname -a
Linux admin.eleet-tech.com 2.4.21-20.0.1.ELsmp #1 SMP Thu Dec 2 23:06:40 GMT
2004 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

Thanks for the help!  If all goes well over the next few days of testing
this box will become production!


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Sounds like a strange problem indeed.  Off the top of my head, try 
running mkinitrd manually for the new kernel (in verbose mode), to make 
sure that it is preloading all of the modules necessary to boot your / 
filesystem.  Specifically make sure it is loading the raid1 module, and 
the ext3 module (assuming / is formatted ext3).  Also, if your drives 
are other than regular IDE (scsi or sata), make sure the appropriate 
scsi or sata modules are getting loaded.  To run mkinitrd in verbose 
mode, just pass it the -v flag.  So in this case your command would look 
like this:

mkinitrd -f -v /boot/initrd-2.4.21-20.0.1.ELsmp.img 2.4.21-20.0.1.ELsmp

Try that first to make sure the modules are getting loaded.

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