[Centos] Some questions regarding CEntos

Mon Dec 13 06:58:58 UTC 2004
Max Beerli <maxbeerli at hotmail.com>

Hello list. I am assigned the task to select a RHEL3 clone operating system 
for a couple of servers. So far I have found Whitehat Linux, Tao, Scientific 
Linux and Centos. I like the community developed aspect advantage of Centos 
compared to the other distros where one or couple people maintain the 
operating system.

- Is this a long term goal project? How does it sustain itself? How much 
extra money is usually required on a monthly basis for operations? I noticed 
that developers had to pay for hosting costs when new iso images were 
released. Wouldn't using bittorrent cut down on downloading costs?

- How does Centos compare to other RHEL clones? Are there enough developers 
to quickly update packages when Redhat makes security announcements?

- Do Centos developers have access to RHEL3 machines or is everything done 
on Centos computers? For that matter do developers compile the Redhat 
released SRPMS + updates on RHEL computers or are binary RPM packages built 
on Centos operating system itself? I am asking because it would seem to me 
that using a full Redhat provided distro to build packages might introduce 
less erorrs?

- What is changed from official RHEL releases besides the copyrighted logos 
for each Centos release? I am not talking about packages in the addons 
directories. Just the base os release packages.

Many thank yous.Max.

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