[Centos] Some questions regarding CEntos

Mon Dec 13 07:22:57 UTC 2004
donavan nelson <donavan at 4wx.net>

Max Beerli wrote:
> Hello list. I am assigned the task to select a RHEL3 clone operating 
> system for a couple of servers. So far I have found Whitehat Linux, Tao, 
> Scientific Linux and Centos. I like the community developed aspect 
> advantage of Centos compared to the other distros where one or couple 
> people maintain the operating system.


You ask a lot of important and valuable questions.  Some of your 
questions are answered on a CentOS website under development: 
http://webdev.centos.org.  I can't answer all your questions, but I do 
look forward to seeing the answers posted by the core developers.  I see 
several opportunities to add web content based on their responses.