[Centos] Exciting news about cAos & CentOS - Please read

Wed Dec 15 13:59:38 UTC 2004
Matt Shields <mattboston at gmail.com>

I have the great pleasure to announce that the cAos Foundation has
been given the right to an exhibitor booth at the upcoming LinuxWorld
Expo in Boston, Massachusetts from February 15th - 17th. (More info
here: http://www.linuxworldexpo.com/live/12/events/12BOS05A).

This is a awesome opportunity to further cAos and CentOS linux.  But I
do not feel that we should give 1/2 an effort.  I feel that we need to
make a big impression.

The biggest thing I am looking for is volunteers that can help me make
this a large success.  Just because you cannot attend also does not
mean you cannot help, there are numerous ways to.  Through my employer
I'm trying to acquire a Exhibit Kiosk and some computers and servers
for demo purposes.  But there are lots of other things that I feel we
need to succeed(but feel free to comment if you think of something

Items needed:
Volunteers for working in booth
cAos Foundation, cAos Linux & CentOS banners & signs
Marketing flyers for cAos Foundation, cAos Linux & CentOS
CD's for cAos & CentOS

If you have any interest in helping or have any ideas to make this a
success, please contact me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Matt Shields