Fwd: [Centos] Linuxconf ?

Wed Dec 15 15:45:43 UTC 2004
beau <phaedral at gmail.com>

This went to Nico's addy rather than the list; I'm putting it back on
the list in case it's of value to lurkers.

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Subject: Re: [Centos] Linuxconf ?
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On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 14:13:49 +0100, Nico Delaere <nico at cerm.be> wrote:
> Can I work with linuxconf on Centos 3.3 ?? 

I'm studying for RHCE, the book I'm using says linuxconf is more or
less deprecated.  There's a bunch of other gui tools, however, that
you can use instead.  Login as root, open a shell, enter:

[root at nicos_centos_box root]# redhat-

then hit the tab key twice, and you'll get the full list.


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