[Centos] Issues/thoughts re CentOS-4

Tue Dec 14 17:51:55 UTC 2004
Max Beerli <maxbeerli at hotmail.com>

>From: Andy Masiar <amasiar at gmail.com>
>Reply-To: Andy Masiar <amasiar at gmail.com>
>To: centos at caosity.org
>Subject: Re: [Centos] Issues/thoughts re CentOS-4
>Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 09:38:36 -0500
> > There is talk about a system like the ClamAV project which redirects
> > you to the closest mirror to you automatically, there is 1 common
> > domain and DNS handles the redirection.  In which case everyone would
> > have the same yum.conf file.
>That sounds really complicated. How about a "mirror-select" script
>that's run when you run yum  update for the first time?

This is really good idea!

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