[Centos] Issues/thoughts re CentOS-4

Tue Dec 14 21:27:28 UTC 2004
donavan nelson <donavan at 4wx.net>

Max Beerli wrote:

>> > There is talk about a system like the ClamAV project which redirects
>> > you to the closest mirror to you automatically, there is 1 common
>> > domain and DNS handles the redirection.  In which case everyone would
>> > have the same yum.conf file.
>> That sounds really complicated. How about a "mirror-select" script
>> that's run when you run yum  update for the first time?
> This is really good idea!

This is a really BAD idea.  Mirrors come and go, mirrors stop rsyncing, 
but have outdated data. 

I'd rather have a centralized authority hand out a "best guess" mirror 
than have someone pick a mirror at setup and thing they are covered.