[Centos] Amavis or CLamAV...or both?

Thu Dec 16 19:43:10 UTC 2004
Fire Eater <Fire at HomeSlice.LandShark.Net>

Here are my 2 cents

I have been using Qmailtoaster (qmailtoaster.com) for a while on Centos.

Basically download the rpms and rebuild them.. 
Nice web based admin tools too.
There are some nice user contributed installers for it also.

Nate has a nice script that basically auto installs everything.

I just finished a script that installs Clamav 0.8x+Spamassassin 2.64
+Squirrelmail+SASQL+QS 1.24st
as well as a few other customization.


with these 2 scripts I can install a mail server in basically in the
time it takes to download the files