[Centos] Amavis or CLamAV...or both?

Mon Dec 20 19:41:40 UTC 2004
Mike Kercher <mike at CamaroSS.net>


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Johnny Hughes wrote:

>On Thu, 2004-12-16 at 11:35 -0600, Mike Kercher wrote:
>>I think you'd be more than pleased with MailScanner
>>(http://www.mailscanner.info)  I run it on MANY mail servers and don't 
>>know how I lived without it!
>I have a guide to install a PostFix mailserver (with MailScanner, 
>ClamAV, SquirrelMail, and SpamAssassin) here:
>But amavisd-new is available as a package via yum from Dag's repository 
>... so I might be easier to install:
I tried to use the amavisd-new from Dag's site.  I ended up removing it.  I
couldn't verify whether or not it was actually using SpamAssassin.  The log
file said that amavis was finding SA, but I wasn't finding any of the SA
headers in the email I was passing through the server.  I couldn't figure
out how to troubleshoot the problem, and was running out of time.  Also, I
couldn't be sure, but it seemed like it was calling SA cold for each email
and eating the resources accordingly.

I ended up using spamd (the Spam Assassin daemon) and calling spamc from a
procmail script.  Then I installed clamd (the clamav daemon) and
clamassassin (a procmail interface for clamdscan) and call that with a
procmail script as well.  I'm happy with the performance, and I can monitor
what clamav and spamassassin are doing, which I like.  At this point I'm
considering adding another virus scanner for redundancy, but the clamav
folks seem to respond to new virii pretty quickly.

My old email server used Mailscanner with SA and f-prot.  The only complaint
I had with it was that you have to install postfix twice, and sometimes
email would get hung up.

My $0.02 US. :)


You must have done something wrong as there is no need to install Postfix
twice.  I think the docs say to run postfix in a chroot jail.  The
MailScanner initscript then starts two instances of postfix.  One being in a
queue-only mode (to act as the external MTA).  The second delivers mail
handed to it by MailScanner for fianl delivery.