[Centos] Amavis or CLamAV...or both?

Mon Dec 20 14:24:21 UTC 2004
Johnny Hughes <mailing-lists at hughesjr.com>

> Johnny Hughes wrote:
>>On Thu, 2004-12-16 at 11:35 -0600, Mike Kercher wrote:
>>>I think you'd be more than pleased with MailScanner
>>>(http://www.mailscanner.info)  I run it on MANY mail servers and don't
>>> know
>>>how I lived without it!
>>I have a guide to install a PostFix mailserver (with MailScanner,
>>ClamAV, SquirrelMail, and SpamAssassin) here:
>>But amavisd-new is available as a package via yum from Dag's
>>repository ... so I might be easier to install:
> I tried to use the amavisd-new from Dag's site.  I ended up removing
> it.  I couldn't verify whether or not it was actually using
> SpamAssassin.  The log file said that amavis was finding SA, but I
> wasn't finding any of the SA headers in the email I was passing through
> the server.  I couldn't figure out how to troubleshoot the problem, and
> was running out of time.  Also, I couldn't be sure, but it seemed like
> it was calling SA cold for each email and eating the resources
> accordingly.

I haven't used amavisd-new so I can't comment on that aspect.  I do use
MailScanner with SA and clamav on several servers and I haven't had any

> I ended up using spamd (the Spam Assassin daemon) and calling spamc from
> a procmail script.  Then I installed clamd (the clamav daemon) and
> clamassassin (a procmail interface for clamdscan) and call that with a
> procmail script as well.  I'm happy with the performance, and I can
> monitor what clamav and spamassassin are doing, which I like.  At this
> point I'm considering adding another virus scanner for redundancy, but
> the clamav folks seem to respond to new virii pretty quickly.
> My old email server used Mailscanner with SA and f-prot.  The only
> complaint I had with it was that you have to install postfix twice, and
> sometimes email would get hung up.
> My $0.02 US. :)
> Ben

I haven't had any e-mail get caught up in between the directories for the
two instances of postfix, but I guess it is possible if something happens.

It really is only 2 directories for postfix config files (at least for
MailScanner), two e-mail spool/delivery locations and 2 instances of
postfix running...but it is confusing and more resource intensive.

Johnny Hughes