[Centos] Centos as a desktop

Thu Dec 16 19:58:33 UTC 2004
Johnny Hughes <mailing-lists at hughesjr.com>

On Thu, 2004-12-16 at 11:19 -0500, Jesús García González wrote:
> Hello all,
>   What are the disadvantages (if any) of using CentOS as a desktop (as it is
> seen more like a server oriented distro being a clone of RHEL)
> Best wishes,
> J
Basically, RedHat has released several different Enterprise
offerings ... the AS Server has all packages.  The other releases (ES
server, Desktop, Professional Workstation, etc.) are a subset of these

So, from that perspective, CentOS-3 is as good as RedHat Desktop.

What some others here are mentioning is that the packages are outdated.
That is a concern if you want the latest bells and whistles.  If you
don't need the latest bells and whistles, it works great.

I use CentOS-3 as the desktop for several people (including me) in
production and I haven't had any problems.  When CentOS-4 beta is
released, try it as a test Desktop ... I just shifted my main
workstation at home from Gentoo to CentOS-4 Beta, and I haven't had any
major issues.

Since CentOS is a RHEL clone, there will not be any major upgrade in the
components once the OS has been released ... so towards the end of the
development cycle it will seem very old.

But every 12-18 months there should be a new Enterprise distro for the
desktop, so it isn't to bad.