[Centos] Centos as a desktop

Thu Dec 16 21:11:21 UTC 2004
C.M. Connelly <cmc at math.hmc.edu>

"JGG" == Jesús García González <jesus at ceinpet.cupet.cu>
"JRW" == Jacob Robert Wilkins <jrw at nplus1.net>

    JGG> What are the disadvantages (if any) of using CentOS as a
    JGG> desktop (as it is seen more like a server oriented distro
    JGG> being a clone of RHEL)

    JRW> It makes a decent desktop.  Make sure you add in Dag's
    JRW> repository,

Hmm.  We run CentOS 3 as a desktop OS here in a couple of labs and
on faculty labs with no real complaints.  I do have a bunch of
additional packages that I build and install, but most of those
are TeX related (newer teTeX from Fedora, gv, AUC-TeX, kile,

Now, *I* build and run Garnome on my workstation, but most users
are reasonably happy with the standard interface.  I do also give
them XMMS, but only faculty have disk space available for music
files (and there aren't any encoders).  And we have a newer
Mozilla, Firefox, Acrobat Reader, and so forth, as well as MATLAB,
Maple, and other math software.

It definitely works for us.


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