[Centos] mysql4

Thu Nov 18 15:53:45 UTC 2004
Jacob Leaver <jleaver+centos at reachone.com>

I run mysql 4.0 series rpms from mysql on my centos boxes.   I've added them 
to my local yum repository, and have yet had to recompile other rpms for 
that reason.   Install MySQL-shared-compat instead of MySQL-shared, as the 
compat package contains all the new libraries, as well as previous versions, 
for backward compatability.

The MySQL official rpms are not exactly the same as Centos or RedHats, so 
you'll need to check out /etc/my.cnf, ensure log rotation, and that kind of 
thing.   I've also been told, but have no basis for comparison, that the 
official MySQL rpms are some considerable faster.

All that being said, AFAIK, you'll have to recompile various RPMS if you 
want 4.x functionality like ssl connections, provided that the package in 
question supports the feature that you're after.

Hope this helps,

Jacob Leaver