[Centos] mysql4

Fri Nov 19 00:22:38 UTC 2004
Troy Engel <tengel at fluid.com>

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> Actually mysql 3 clients should work fine with mysql 4 servers.  So if you 
> rpm -i --replacefiles (rather than rpm -U) the mysql4 rpms, thus leaving 
> both sets of the libraries intact, you may be able to run the new server 
> without rebuilding any of the other packages.

You can, and we have on two RHES3 production machines -- because of all 
the interdependancies on the shared libs, it's easier to simply install 
all the client RPMs, untarball the 4.x server into a location and run 
the install scripts, etc. It will read your /etc/my.cnf and make the 
libs over in /var/lib/mysql and so forth - a few minor mods to the 
init.d mysql script and you're done.

This mixed mode has been running like a champ, no problems.


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