[Centos] Low end systems

Tue Nov 30 05:40:40 UTC 2004
donavan nelson <donavan at 4wx.net>

Michael Falzon wrote:
> Hi All
>      I been using whitebox 3 for a bit and am take a look at cent 3.3 
> and 3.1 so far like it,  but i seeing with older system 200 to 800 not 
> Intel system (amd k6/2) ( not all of them ) cent comes back in install 

The minimum processor supported by RHEL 3 is Pentium Pro.  However, 
Redhat did provide a spec file to build a Pentium kernel.

> and till me that its not made for system like this 

CentOS does not Provide a Pentium Kernel.

> ... whitebox 3 works 

I believe (and looking at a mirror) that John Morris built and shipped 
the Pentium kernel with WBEL.

> OK so I'm not sure why and if a can get around this ....

You might be able to install with WBEL and then "upgrade" to CentOS.  If 
you need/wanted to upgrade the kernel, you'd have to build one (pentium 
class machines) for CentOS yourself.  I'm sure someone would be willing 
to help you in #centos on IRC.

I'm presently working on a WBEL to CentOS migration guide.  I hope to 
test it in the next 24 hours with an individual who has several 
trashable WBEL boxes at his disposal.

Please email me privately if you don't see something in the FAQ on 
http://webdev.centos.org in the next day or two.