[Centos] Low end systems

Tue Nov 30 06:07:12 UTC 2004
Michael Falzon <nozy at mozysswamp.org>

On Tue, 2004-11-30 at 16:40, donavan nelson wrote:

> The minimum processor supported by RHEL 3 is Pentium Pro.  However, 
> Redhat did provide a spec file to build a Pentium kernel.

I was thinking that ....

> > and till me that its not made for system like this 
> CentOS does not Provide a Pentium Kernel.
> > ... whitebox 3 works 
> I believe (and looking at a mirror) that John Morris built and shipped 
> the Pentium kernel with WBEL.

its starttung to look like it 

> > OK so I'm not sure why and if a can get around this ....
> You might be able to install with WBEL and then "upgrade" to CentOS.  If 
> you need/wanted to upgrade the kernel, you'd have to build one (pentium 
> class machines) for CentOS yourself.  I'm sure someone would be willing 
> to help you in #centos on IRC.

Hmm I think i know how to do this ...

> I'm presently working on a WBEL to CentOS migration guide.  I hope to 
> test it in the next 24 hours with an individual who has several 
> trashable WBEL boxes at his disposal.

Cool if you need someone to test it just ask i have my network ( 10 pc )
+ 5 remote site to update 

> Please email me privately if you don't see something in the FAQ on 
> http://webdev.centos.org in the next day or two.
> .dn
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