[Centos] Low end systems

Tue Nov 30 14:12:03 UTC 2004
John Hinton <webmaster at ew3d.com>

donavan nelson wrote:

> Michael Falzon wrote:
>> Hi All
>>      I been using whitebox 3 for a bit and am take a look at cent 3.3 
>> and 3.1 so far like it,  but i seeing with older system 200 to 800 
>> not Intel system (amd k6/2) ( not all of them ) cent comes back in 
>> install 
> The minimum processor supported by RHEL 3 is Pentium Pro.  However, 
> Redhat did provide a spec file to build a Pentium kernel.
>> and till me that its not made for system like this 
> CentOS does not Provide a Pentium Kernel.

Does anybody have a better picture of what this 'line' is? I.E. Intel 
200, 300, 350? AMD 300, 450? Would this be Pentium vs. Pentium II? 
Perhaps the K6-2 series on the AMD side?

Just trying to get a better idea so I don't get any surprises. I do have 
one old Proliant 3000 with a 300 processor hanging around and doing a 
fine job of what it is used for. One would never know it is not a latest 
greatest 8 processor xeon server for what it does. :) It simply needs to 
be reliable and it is VERY reliable.


John Hinton