[Centos] File permission

Tue Nov 30 18:10:07 UTC 2004
T'Krin <tkrin at tkrin.net>

Dominic Iadicicco <diadicic at optonline.net> wrote: 
>I don't think I was really going to get an answer for this anyway but, I 
>figured it out. After making my change I logged out and back in again 
>and it worked. I think I get it but if someone could explain it to me 
>that would be nice.
>Dominic Iadicicco wrote:
>> Hello all,
>>  I think my file permission are completely screwed up?  I created a 
>> file called text file called test as root user and have done chgrp on 
>> that file to a group called admin.  I have added the users ozzie and 
>> root to that group.  I then did a chmod g+wr on the test file and 
>> ozzie can still not write to the file.  If I take away read access 
>> from the group, ozzie can still read the file.  The group permissions 
>> have no effect what so ever.  If you add or take away permissions from 
>> the other permissions, that will effect the test file.   What did I do 
>> wrong?  Could someone please point me in the right direction?

In very simple terms, if you add someone to a group, until they
re-authenticate, i.e. logout & login again, the new permissions will not be
seen by said user.