[Centos] Possible new CentOS user (currently WBEL)

Wed Oct 13 18:25:13 UTC 2004
Mário Gamito <gamito at netual.pt>


For a few months i've been using WhiteBox Enterprise Linux.
In fact, i've migrated all my companie's servers (about 20) to this RHEL 
distro like.

Well, it's not that i'm not satisfied, but WBEL is a one man show and 
that causes me some preocupation. And besides, it seems to me that it 
can't stand up to the rythm RHEL evolves.

That's why i'm writing to you, posing a few questions,  if you don't 
mind to answer:

1 - Why did you choose CentOS ?

2 - If you have/had experience with WBEL, why do you prefer CentOS ?

3 - Is CentOS ahead of WBEL in terms of being up to date with RHEL ?

4 - Does CentOS releases an updated version everytime RH does ?

5 - What is (more or less) the time gap between a RHEL update and the 
correspondent CentOS ?

I apologise for the inconvinience and any help would be apreceiated.

Warm regards,
Mário Gamito