[Centos] Possible new CentOS user (currently WBEL)

Wed Oct 13 18:38:29 UTC 2004
donavan nelson <donavan at 4wx.net>

For a few months i've been using WhiteBox Enterprise Linux.

> Well, it's not that i'm not satisfied, but WBEL is a one man show and 
> that causes me some preocupation. And besides, it seems to me that it 
> can't stand up to the rythm RHEL evolves.

The reject of community support of the project is evident.

> That's why i'm writing to you, posing a few questions,  if you don't 
> mind to answer:
> 1 - Why did you choose CentOS ?

a)  Almost always timely updates to RH security errata. 
b)  Friendly helpful people in #centos on irc.freenode.net
c)  the ability to easily migrate my wbel and RHEL boxes to CentOS

> 2 - If you have/had experience with WBEL, why do you prefer CentOS ?

I'd suggest you read the mail list for devel from December 2003 for my 
opinions on this subject.

> 3 - Is CentOS ahead of WBEL in terms of being up to date with RHEL ?

yes, generally unless a known issue araised as a result of a RHEL 
errata, patches are almost always out to the mirrors within 48 hours (if 
you want typical yum update capabilities).  There was some lag around 
the recent U3 release from RH.

> 4 - Does CentOS releases an updated version everytime RH does ?

I think that is the plan going forward.  I believe that centos 3.0 was 
actually RHEL 3 U1 OR RHEL with patches. CentOS 3.1 was RHEL U2 and now 
CentOS 3.3 is RHEL 3 U3.

> 5 - What is (more or less) the time gap between a RHEL update and the 
> correspondent CentOS ?

answered already :)