[Centos] Re: VSFTPD / Apache (Beth Curotto)

Thu Oct 21 13:01:13 UTC 2004
Rick Graves <gravesricharde at yahoo.com>


I can get to, but if I try going
to the mail subdirectory I get:

You don't have permission to access /mail/ on this

This seems to be a web server, but your question says

I recently set up an ftp server using vsftpd.  I found
that for a directory to be accessible to anyone,
permissions must be set so that the directory is
executable by anyone -- you get into a directory by
"executing" it.  So to make a sub directory
accessible, permissions must be set in the parent
directory for the sub directory is executable.  Go to 


and check the permissions on the mail sub directory. 
The command chmod +x mail might do it (or you may have
to do chmod o+x mail, and chmod u+x mail plus chmod
g+x mail, while chmod ugo+x mail might also work).  

This might help.


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> I have my web files in /var/www/html uploaded using
> vsftpd, everything is ok
> there all files in the directory /html appear fine,
> but when i try to access
> my folder  I get the error
> below.
> Notes: There is a valid index.html localed in that
> folder.
>            /mail folder = drwxr-xr-x
>           all files within /mail = -rw-r--r--
>  is public addy for ip noted
> below
> This is my 1st linux server & could use a bit of
> quality advise. I would
> appreciate greatly any assistance.
> --------------------
> Forbidden
> You don't have permission to access /mail/ on this
> server.
> Apache/2.0.46 (CentOS) Server at Port 80
> ---------------------
> THANK YOU, Beth Curotto