[Centos] announcing LagMirror

Fri Oct 22 00:14:49 UTC 2004
Rick Graves <gravesricharde at yahoo.com>


LagMirror is a little different.  

The objective of LagMirror is to run YUM as a daily
cron job and minimize the risk that a show-stopping
glitch could get onto and bring down a
mission-critical server. 

Packages that are quickly superseded are not put into
the Lag mirror directories at all.  The system takes
advantage of the fact that show-stopping glitches are
typically discovered and fixed quickly.  

Although LagMirror is not for everyone, it could work
well for systems running on common hardware without
any customized packages.

This is work in progress, but it seems to be working. 

For more information, get the README here:


One can get the Python source from the "source"
directory under the above URL.  Interested persons are
invited to try it.  

Feedback is welcome.