[Centos] CentOS3.3

Fri Oct 8 16:52:14 UTC 2004
donavan nelson <donavan at 4wx.net>

Ajay Sharma wrote:

> Dominic Iadicicco wrote:
>> Hello all,
>>    Just need some info to clarify something.
>>    How is 3.3?  By word of mouth I heard that their
>> may have been some issues with it.  However I have not
>> heard anything here on this forum or any problems with
>> RHE3 U3. So I am assuming all is well.
> You're question, "How is 3.3?", is very broad.  It works for a lot of 
> people or else we wouldn't be here.  Download the ISO's, install it on 
> some hardware and see for yourself.  3.3 has been very good for me.  I 
> only have one server upgraded but plan to switch the other 4 over in 
> the coming months.

Don't know what you "heard".  The current iso images have a couple of 
problems -- don't recall exactly what they are.  Other issues have been 
Redhat flow down issues (named-chroot) and people using non stock 
kernels (2.6.x).  It is my understanding the iso's for 3.3 will be 
respun for 3.3 final.

If you have specific issues, please ask them.