[Centos] NeTraverse Win4Lin 5.0

Mon Sep 27 04:00:56 UTC 2004
Dan <dw at wonderwave.net>

Anybody get win4lin 5.0 running on CentOs? I have a Ibm Thinkpad 600
running centos 3.3. I tried running the win4lin installer which
downloaded a supported kernel and installed but when I went to reboot
the laptop, the drivers for my wireless card were missing along with usb
support. Then when the laptop went into run level 5 nothing happens.
Then the x server throughs an error about a bad config. So I cancel it
and it doesn't even go to the cl login. 

I have also tried to patch the source that I downloaded from yum and the
wireless and usb work, but still having the problems with the x server.
I am fairly familiar with linux but not to familiar with the x server
stuff. I was just wondering if someone had successfully got it to work
and if they can tell me what they did, or have somebody point me into
the right direction of where to look. Any help would be greatly