[Centos] dag repository for java applet

Mon Sep 27 10:06:09 UTC 2004
Dag Wieers <dag at wieers.com>

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Rick Graves wrote:

> > Please change $releasever manually by '3', and
> > everything should work. 
> That seems to have fixed accessing your repository.  
> I only typed
> yum list j2re
> and now it is downloading lots of headers.
> I stopped it by pressing Ctrl-c many times fast.  
> I think I am up to date with CentOS 3.3.  There are
> lots of entries in yum.log dated September 21st.

That's yum, it will start downloading all the headers of the packages that 
are new (in your case about 1200) and scares the shit out of users by 
displaying all that :) I understand your reaction, the default behaviour 
should be less verbose. (apt is not better in a lot of those regards 

> What if I only want to access the java packages from
> your repository, and everything else from a yum
> mirror?

Well, maybe downloading them manually would be te easiest in this case. 
You understand that I cannot make a repository for each package :)

If you're concerned about the few core packages that are replaced, there 
is a Yum patch in TaoLinux that allows to protect the base system by not 
replace Red Hat core packages by third party ones. I'm only doing that for 
tools like lftp, rsync and a few others. (Tools that have been drastically 
improved since the RHEL3 release and most people want to use anyway).

But of course that is more a personal liking and especially if you have 
paid for Red Hat support that may not be what you want. Still since it can 
be done automatically, I think this logic should go into Yum instead of 
the overhead you get from maintaining a second repository.

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