[Centos] Maintainers and security updates

Wed Sep 8 20:37:15 UTC 2004
Alex Georgiev <ageorgiev at eurorisksystems.com>

> just seeing how you are turning out updates as quickly
> as RHEL releases them, is exactly what I am looking
> for.
> I wanted to remain with the stability of a RHEL disto
> while avoiding the licensing fees and the Fedora
> upgrade treadmill. 

not sure, about this stability stuff. Red hat updated samba from
3.0.2 to 3.0.4, and now samba+cups prints ok, but printed
jobs remain visible and pending in the windows queue?!?!?!
This could have never happened in debian stable.

Not to knock the decent effort of
> other RHEL clones, this clearly is not an one man show
> like Whitebox or Tao, nor lacks the community
> involvement of Fedora Legacy. This was something I was
> clearly looking to avoid.
> Also I found in checking security fix dates compared
> to RHEL mailings that Centos beats out Whitebox which
> still has not released the group of fixes from 9/1. 

the only thing that wbel has over centos is their mailing
list, which by the way is used by centos users too(at least I do)

...oh ... and also they made a wbel respin2. I think centos is still
on respin1.