[Centos] Maintainers and security updates

Thu Sep 9 00:04:30 UTC 2004
John Newbigin <jn at it.swin.edu.au>

At the moment, I am the only person looking after CentOS-2.  I am 
seeking someone who will be able to take over this roll should I be 
unavailable (not that I have any plans to become unavailable, but 
accidents do happen).

I will be using CentOS-2 at work for at least the next 12 months so I am 
pretty sure CentOS-2 support will be good during that period.

When it comes to CentOS-3, I am only just starting to use it but from 
the taroon mailing list it seems that in the recent round of updates, 
ldap, samba & the kernel are broken to some degree.  I would suggest 
that a period of testing would be good before releasing the CentOS-3 

I also think it is a good idea for any site running any version of Linux 
to have at least one box which is configured for doing software builds. 
  If you ever need to rebuild something you have the environment ready. 
  Nothing is more annoying than having to install a stack of -devel 
packages before you can build a critical security update.


Michael Rock wrote:

> Hi, can someone tell how many are behind maintaining
> the site and converting security and regular RHEL
> fixes for Centos-3? I see the last round of security
> updates for RHEL were turned out in a day which is
> impressive. 
> Trying to get an idea if Centos has alot of community
> support and being maintained by more than one person.
> I am not confident enough yet in building my own
> updates.
> I am another RH 7.1/8.0 admin that labored over the
> decision to go with Fedora Legacy 6 months for these
> servers only to find mailings to stop without any
> notice. Since it seemed awfully quiet for a time I
> checked their website and found support suspended for
> these version due to lack of community involvement.  
> So doing a little more investigating this time to see
> if the community is really into the project before
> settling down with a solution.
> thx
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