[Centos] Apt repositories for CentOS?

Thu Sep 9 04:34:03 UTC 2004
Shawn M. Jones <smj at littleprojects.org>

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seth vidal wrote:
|>Actually, I mostly like being able to grab and build source rpms.  It's
|>something that up2date can (supposedly) do, but yum does not have the
|>functionality yet.  I guess I could just write a patch and send it into
|>the guys at Duke, but it feels weird to try to add functionality to one
|>software package when another exists that does everything I want.
| NB: I'm the 'guys at Duke' :)

Yeah, I realized that after I hit "Send", then I felt a little silly.

| I don't have a problem with it - it's just not something immediately on
| my radar. However, if you'd like to work on something like that - I can
| point you in the right direction for it. It's actually easier to do now
| than it was a few months ago.

Please point.  I'll implement the features I want then.

| Could you make my day job a little less demanding? That'd make things
| happen, for me, faster. :)

Hmmmm...  Not sure what I could do there besides build packages.  I'm
already doing my 40 hours with the government and 2 grad classes myself.
~ :-)

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