[Centos] nVIDIA on CentOS 3.3

Wed Sep 22 14:09:22 UTC 2004
Rick Graves <gravesricharde at yahoo.com>


The wording of my email came out wrong.  I did not
intend to cast aspersions on CentOS.  

I wrote to the CentOS and/or cAos mailing lists some
months ago on this topic, and I also put up an FAQ on
the problem (which you can find in the FAQ's under
Installation).  In my mind, my message yesterday was
in the context of my prior emails and the FAQ.  

Back then, I went through hours of trial and error
tests, and I found exactly the same problem with
exactly the same hardware when I was running Fedora 1
(and perhaps Debian as well -- on Debian, I am not
sure, but I am 100% sure about Fedora).  So I
concluded then that this is not a CentOS or cAos
problem, but at least a RedHat problem and maybe a
Linux problem.  

> First of all, I'd be interested to see where your 
> conclusion that your monitor doesn't work with an 
> nVidia card in linux came from -- what 
> exactly did you experience/test to come to this 
> statement?

I believe my prior email answers your question in