[Centos] Need apache ftp help please

Thu Sep 23 20:07:37 UTC 2004
Mike <addymin at pacbell.net>

Beth Curotto wrote:

> System = CentOS / Apache 2.0 / HTML files location =  /var/www/html
> Nat'd IP - ports 80, 20, 21 already opened & routed to internal ip.
> I desperately need the quick & dirty solution.
> I need a setup where one user can ftp from another desktop (windows) to 
> upload new website files. I currently have CuteFTP, but will use 
> anything needed at this point.
> I need to try to test this today. VERY new to linux, I am completely 
> bogged down trying to learn command-line syntax.
> Thanks in advance, Beth

I use pure-ftpd. I've found this ftp server to be the easiest and most 
secure to set-up for Redhat systems.  Go to:


The Redhat binary (rpm) version can be downloaded here:


You'll probably want the "i686" version.

Install the rpm package (you'll need to be root to do this):

# rpm -Uvh pure-ftpd-1.0.19-1.i686.rpm

And that's it.