[Centos] Need apache ftp help please

Thu Sep 23 20:09:50 UTC 2004
Nels Lindquist <nlindq at maei.ca>

On 23 Sep 2004 at 11:22, Beth Curotto wrote:

> System = CentOS / Apache 2.0 / HTML files location =  /var/www/html
> Nat'd IP - ports 80, 20, 21 already opened & routed to internal ip.

Port 20 outgoing, you mean?  Shouldn't need to be any connections 
*to* port 20 on the FTP server.
> I desperately need the quick & dirty solution.
> I need a setup where one user can ftp from another desktop (windows) to
> upload new website files. I currently have CuteFTP, but will use anything
> needed at this point.

First of all, make sure the vsftpd package is installed and running.
(rpm -q vsftpd)

If it's not, it'll be on your install media or can easily be acquired 
with "yum -y install vsftpd"

Then do "service vsftpd start" to start the FTP server.

Are you just trying to prove the concept today, or do you need your 
user to be able to upload files to the document root right now?

If the former, simply create a new user account and set a password 
for it.  The vsftpd server will immediately allow logins to the 
users' home directory with their username/password.  Any files placed 
in public_html/ in a home directory should be automatically mapped by 
apache to httpd://[server.dom.ain]/~[userid]/.  If you need to upload 
files directly to the document root, things get a little more 
complicated, and there's more than one approach depending on how 
security-conscious you need to be.

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