[Centos] Need apache ftp help please

Thu Sep 23 23:07:06 UTC 2004
John Newbigin <jn at it.swin.edu.au>

As you can see from the other posts, ftp is tricky.  Someone already 
suggested that you use scp/ssh which is what I would recommend.  There 
is a decent windows program called winscp which is similar to windows 
ftp programs.

There is also a command line tool from putty called pscp.

When it comes to NAT, you need to look at both the internal and external 
networks separately.

Firstly, assuming you want the external network (The internet) to 
connect to your web server, you need to allow port 80.  If you want the 
external network to talk to your ssh server (for scp) then you need port 
22 as well.

If ssh is only for internal then you don't need to worry about NAT.

Also (AFAIK) if you are using NAT then there should be a 1 to 1 mapping 
from internal to external IP addresses, in which case it is quite likely 
that all ports are translated and forwarded anyway.  If you mean you 
have a 1 to many (Only one IP on the internet) then you need to nominate 
which IP of the many to forward connections to (port forwarding).

None of this has anything to do with a command line and everything to do 
with reading the manuals/FAQs/HOWTOs etc.


Beth Curotto wrote:

> System = CentOS / Apache 2.0 / HTML files location =  /var/www/html
> Nat'd IP - ports 80, 20, 21 already opened & routed to internal ip.
> I desperately need the quick & dirty solution.
> I need a setup where one user can ftp from another desktop (windows) to 
> upload new website files. I currently have CuteFTP, but will use 
> anything needed at this point.
> I need to try to test this today. VERY new to linux, I am completely 
> bogged down trying to learn command-line syntax.
> Thanks in advance, Beth

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