[Centos] yum updated to 3.3, rpmdb corrupted

Fri Sep 24 09:16:57 UTC 2004
Tom Seeley <caosity at tomseeley.co.uk>

Ok, so I've discovered its not a problem with my test box.  Yum updating to 3.3
hoses my rpmdb every time.  The actual error is:

error: db4 error(-30989) from dbcursor->c_get: DB_PAGE_NOTFOUND: Requested page
not found

The above is displayed when I run an rpm -qa |wc -l (which only reports 76
afterwards instead of 657 from before)

Nothing happened to the machine whilst it was updating, no errors appeared
whilst yum was running.

After yum has finished there are the following files in /var/lib/rpm:


If I delete those files /and then/ do a rpm --rebuilddb I seem to recover.

At a guess this is probably something todo with updating glibc and/or rpm in the
same transaction, but I'm far from being an expert on these matters.  Although
I appear to have found a work-around for this problem, its leaves a bad taste
in my mouth.

Anybody else have a better solution?


Quoting Tom Seeley <caosity at tomseeley.co.uk>:

> I'd guess this is probably something pretty specific to my test box, but when
> I
> yum updated to 3.3 my rpmdb got totally hosed.  Unfortunately, I didn't save
> the error that occured at the time because a rpm --rebuilddb _appeared_ to
> fix
> the problem.  Unfortunately I found out later that I was left with a db that
> only contained a subset of the actual install base.  I'm now trying to
> recover
> from the /var/log/rpmpkgs file.
> Later I will be adding /var/lib/rpm to my backups....
> Like I said, its probably my machine (its old and naff), but I just thought
> I'd
> share :)
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> Tom Seeley
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Tom Seeley

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