[Centos] yum updated to 3.3, rpmdb corrupted

Tue Sep 21 16:52:28 UTC 2004
Tom Seeley <caosity at tomseeley.co.uk>

I'd guess this is probably something pretty specific to my test box, but when I
yum updated to 3.3 my rpmdb got totally hosed.  Unfortunately, I didn't save
the error that occured at the time because a rpm --rebuilddb _appeared_ to fix
the problem.  Unfortunately I found out later that I was left with a db that
only contained a subset of the actual install base.  I'm now trying to recover
from the /var/log/rpmpkgs file.

Later I will be adding /var/lib/rpm to my backups....

Like I said, its probably my machine (its old and naff), but I just thought I'd
share :)

Tom Seeley

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