[CentOS] tftp - getting connection refused

Thu Apr 14 14:27:17 UTC 2005
Jerry Geis <geisj at pagestation.com>

I did the following to setup the tftp server.

Download tftp from 
tar -jxvf tftp-0.40.bz2
cd tftp-0.40
make install
mkdir /tftpboot
chmod 777 /tftpboot
chown nobody:nobody /tftpboot
changed /etc/xinetd.d/tftp file to "disable no"
service xinetd restart

Now when I connect I get in /var/log/messages "tftpd: read(ack): 
Connection refused"

I even rebooted - get same message
I did "iptables -f" - get the same message

Any ideas why I cannot connect? seems to be running.