[CentOS] IBM BladeCenter HS20 blades

Fri Apr 15 17:27:09 UTC 2005
Brendon Colby <bren at lh.net>


We have purchased an IBM BladeCenter and I am in the process of testing 
Linux installation on these things (boot off SAN i.e. qla2300 driver, 
not using internal drives). My distro of choice is Debian, however, 
since I'm really not interested in trying to hand compile all the 
drivers, I decided to try CentOS (which I'm so far very impressed with).

On boot, as with the Debian Sarge disk, the CDROM disappears. The 
installation media complains that it cannot find the CD. I'm testing 
using the DVD ISO of CentOS 4. Has anyone been successful in getting 
CentOS 3/4 installed on a BladeCenter server? I noticed back in 11/04 
there were a few posts on it.


Brendon Colby