[CentOS] Serial ATA hardware raid.

Mon Apr 18 20:13:58 UTC 2005
C.M. Connelly <cmc at math.hmc.edu>

"f" == franki  <franki at htmlfixit.com>

    f> My main wholesaler sells Adaptec stuff, and I can get this
    f> one:
    f> http://www.techbuy.com.au/products/34526/I_OCARDS_HARDDRIVECONTROLLERS/Adaptec/AAR2410SA/AAR2410SA_4-Port_Serial_ATA_RAID_Card_-_RAID_0_1_5_10_JBOD.asp

    f> For $450 it is a 4 port controller and has onboard 64MB ECC
    f> cache.

I have one of these (it's in my mirror box).

It's okay.  It's not stunning, and I lost the array once (due to a
bad drive and loose connectors more than the card).  It runs under
CentOS 3 without special drivers, but Adaptec also has some driver
software (not sure whether it's newer or not -- it's ``minimally
tested'' according to them).

I also have an Adaptec 1210SA (two-port SATA), which is running
under Debian with a custom kernel as I couldn't get it working (at
all) under CentOS at the time I was building the machine.  That
card is a complete POS -- forget about hardware RAID, but it works
okay with software RAID.

If I had it to do over again, I would definitely go with 3Ware
cards over the Adaptec cards.  What you might save in money isn't
worth the hassle.


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