[CentOS] X330 Keyboard/box dies on install 4.0, not on 3.4

Thu Apr 21 22:56:47 UTC 2005
Karl S. Katzke <karl at streetlampsoftware.com>

I've got a handful of IBM X330's at my colo and another couple at the 
office for testing purposes. Currently, they're running CentOS 3.4 and 
are very happy doing so. The 3.4 install was perfectly seamless.

When I tried to upgrade one of my test machines to 4.0, the keyboard 
died once I got into the install every single time once I boot to 
anaconda from the CD. It dies as soon as the blue-background screen 
appears, and it dies no matter which selection I choose at isolinux. 
(I'm sure the system isn't locked because the keyboard is dead while the 
SCSI driver is loading, and the system keeps chugging along happily 
until it needs input.)
The CD passes all of the tests I can apply to it, from checksum to media 
check, and has been used to install a half dozen machines both before or 
since. I also downloaded a new ISO from a different mirror and reburnt 
another one; it's most certainly the install package. The box itself 
runs 3.4 quite happily. Note that x330s use IBM's cable-chaining 
technology, which is great if you've got a tiny colo rack with a lot of 
servers in it like I do, since I don't have to have a KVM.

So what changed in the install process? How can I get this resolved well 
enough to be able to use the CentOS 4 CDs? both the 3.4 and 4.0 install  
I realize that I could reaim my repository and upgrade to 4 via yum, but 
that's a pain if I'm having to bring a whole box back up from scratch... 
not to mention a nice hit to my bandwidth bill at my colo.

Suggestions? Ideas?

Thanks in advance,
-Karl Katzke