[CentOS] Dovecot .99.11 build fails; libiconv

Fri Apr 22 01:56:09 UTC 2005
Karl S. Katzke <karl at streetlampsoftware.com>

Well, it seems this just isn't my day.
Using the source RPM from a centos mirror, I tried to rebuild (and, 
after that fails) build manually a dovecot RPM. I get several errors 
about automake's iconv macro, AM_ICONV, missing, and then the install 
fails while looking for libiconv. I tested by first trying to rebuild 
the RPM, and when that failed, building the RPM manually by installing 
in sources and building, and when THAT failed, by unpacking the tarball 
and manually ./configure and make.

Thanks to some googling around, I found that libiconv is a GNU package 
that's available in source, but that should generally be satisfied in 
glibc according to postings on the redhat mailing list.
However... well, it seems that it isn't. Either that, or it's settled by 
a specific version of glibc, which I don't have in my glibc-2.3.4-2 ... 
and yes, I do have -common, -devel, -headers, -kernheaders, etc. 
installed for i686.
I do have iconv.h on my system, but dovecot is specifically looking for 
Anyone seen this before?

Karl Katzke