[CentOS] X330 Keyboard/box dies on install 4.0, not on 3.4

Sat Apr 23 02:35:06 UTC 2005
Hilliard, Jay <Jay.Hilliard at disney.com>

You might try usb-handoff as a kernel option in grub or lilo


Graham Johnston wrote:
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>>>Subject: [CentOS] X330 Keyboard/box dies on install 4.0, not on 3.4
>>>I've got a handful of IBM X330's at my colo and another 
>>couple at the 
>>>office for testing purposes. Currently, they're running 
>>>CentOS 3.4 and 
>>>are very happy doing so. The 3.4 install was perfectly seamless.
>>>When I tried to upgrade one of my test machines to 4.0, the 
>>>died once I got into the install every single time once I boot to 
>>>anaconda from the CD. It dies as soon as the blue-background screen 
>>>appears, and it dies no matter which selection I choose at 
>>>(I'm sure the system isn't locked because the keyboard is 
>>>dead while the 
>>>SCSI driver is loading, and the system keeps chugging along happily 
>>>until it needs input.)
>>>The CD passes all of the tests I can apply to it, from 
>>>checksum to media 
>>>check, and has been used to install a half dozen machines 
>>>both before or 
>>>since. I also downloaded a new ISO from a different mirror 
>>>and reburnt 
>>>another one; it's most certainly the install package. The 
>>box itself 
>>>runs 3.4 quite happily. Note that x330s use IBM's cable-chaining 
>>>technology, which is great if you've got a tiny colo rack 
>>>with a lot of 
>>>servers in it like I do, since I don't have to have a KVM.
>>>So what changed in the install process? How can I get this 
>>>resolved well 
>>>enough to be able to use the CentOS 4 CDs? both the 3.4 and 
>>>4.0 install  
>>>I realize that I could reaim my repository and upgrade to 4 
>>>via yum, but 
>>>that's a pain if I'm having to bring a whole box back up from 
>>>not to mention a nice hit to my bandwidth bill at my colo.
>>>Suggestions? Ideas?
>>>Thanks in advance,
>>>-Karl Katzke
>>	I am not sure that it is the x330.  We also have half a dozen
>>x330s and although I don't have centos 4 on all of them I am confident
>>that we have successfully installed centos 4 at least three times on
>>this server.  We are also using the dvi like breakout cable, and it
>>attaches to an HP cat5 kvm.
> Karl,
> 	Sorry I lied, I have installed centos 4 on x335s not x330s.  
> Graham
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