[CentOS] CentOS for commercial use

Sun Apr 3 18:18:53 UTC 2005
Steve Meyers <steve-centos at spamwiz.com>

Collins Richey wrote:
> I would like to know how those of you who use CentOS in commercial
> endeavors justify the decsion - ethics, community vs. vendor support,
> etc., etc. I've heard many comments to the effect that we CentOS users
> are just leaches, since RedHat does the major work.

Our reason is basically that we only use a very small part of the RHEL 
distribution.  Pretty much the only reason we use CentOS/RHEL is for the 
kernel stability.  We strip down the OS beyond even the "minimal" 
installation.  Then we install our own RPMs on top of it.  If RH were 
ever to offer a stripped down RHEL (for a reduced price), we would be 
more than willing to pay for that.  We just can't justify the current 
price of RHEL when we use so little of it.