[CentOS] <OT> RedHat support

Mon Apr 4 23:43:51 UTC 2005
Peter Farrow <peter at farrows.org>

I had an Issue with RH9 and contacted Red Hat support,  once I finally 
got to speak to a support "professional" I was fobbed off in a most 
unprofessional manner and spoken down to as well.  Incidentally they 
never off a remedy for the particular bug either at the time, which was 
if you installed a Red Hat box with a Reiserfs file system (linux 
reiserfs), the RH9 upgrade install does not spot any linux partitions to 
upgrade, - pretty shit big time bug if you ask me, basically they 
insinuated I was a moron for using reiserfs.

So I would call it a shit house support too.  ;-)


John Newbigin wrote:

> When I first started CentOS-2 I purchased RHEL21ES out of my own 
> pocket because I wanted to make sure that CentOS-2 was as close to the 
> real product as possible.
> I was most unimpressed with the RH support.  In fact I would call it 
> shit house.  For a list of bugs see
> http://uranus.it.swin.edu.au/~jn/linux/centos-2/index.htm
> The one time I called telephone support I got transfered to some 
> American call center who could not understand a thing I said 
> (obviously in my harsh Australian accent) and in the end I gave up.  
> Needless to say I don't pay them shit anymore and I just do everything 
> myself.
> From my observations, there is no such thing as support from RedHat.
> John.
> Collins Richey wrote:
>> As a parallel question to my thread about CentOS for commercial use,
>> here's a question I've been wondering about.
>> How many of you who have RHEL licenses and paid support licenses have
>> ever needed actually to request support? And if you did was the
>> support any bit more timely or accurate than community support for
>> CentOS or other distros?