[CentOS] <OT> RedHat support

Tue Apr 5 00:13:01 UTC 2005
Jonathan <j at firebright.com>

Peter Farrow wrote:

> So I would call it a shit house support too.  ;-)

Me three.  I ripped the sticker off my car after trying to get support 
from them.  And they were so awesome for so long, but they just went 
wrong in so many ways.  The failure to take care of their core audience 
is unforgivable.  I'm waiting for the linux market to mature before 
giving it another shot with an "Enterprise" company / distro.

I've replaced over 30 of our systems with CentOS, though FC3 was an 
option we considered.  CentOS has been rock solid for our eZ Publish 
services, and I can't tell you how much we appreciate it being available.