[CentOS] aironet 350 wireless + LEAP

Fri Apr 8 04:21:27 UTC 2005
Barry L. Kline <blkline at attglobal.net>

donavan nelson wrote:

> | works.... use default kernel module... then download latest Cisco linux
> | utilities...
> |
> | once the card is recognized and modules are loaded you can use the cli
> | utilities from Cisco... i believe i use leapscript
> What firmware and how did you get acu to run?

I'm curious about that, too.  I just downloaded and attempted to install 
the acu package from Cisco.  When I did the "sh install" step, I got 
some missing dependencies:

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ldcmd ldconfig
Checking for libsigc++ ...
libsigc++ not installed.
Checking for gtkmm ...
libgtkmm not installed.

I found libsigc++ on Dag's repository and installed it but didn't track 
down the source for libgtkmm yet.  And when I retried the install  (for 
kicks) I got the exact same errors so I don't think that the 
installation script found the library.